What YOU need to know about charter schools

From Center for Public Policy Priorities:
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A-F Accountability Ratings: Charters vs. School Districts

Last week, the TEA released their A-F accountability ratings for each campus throughout the state and the comparison between ISDs and charters is shameful considering the state spends $3 billion per year on inefficient, unaccountable, and subpar charters:

  • 25.1% of ISDs earned an “A” compared to 24.6% of charter operators
  • 60.9% of ISDs earned a “B” compared to 30.7% of charter operators
  • 11.2% of ISDs earned a “C” compared to 22.3% of charter operators
  • 2.1% of ISDs earned a “D” compared to 12.3% of charter operators

And when comparing charter schools to community schools, there really is no comparison:

  • 86.2% of community-based districts received an “A” or “B” rating
  • Only 2.6% of community-based districts received a “D” or “F” rating
  • Almost 1 of every 5 charters was deemed “low performing”

View more charts breaking down performance by type of campus and domains.

Even when the odds are stacked against us, and even when the goalpost keeps moving, public schools still win!

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